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    Sunday Snippet — ICING ON THE CAKE — Presumptuous

    Time for another Sunday snippet from ICING ON THE CAKE. Best man Curtis and maid of honor Sara are at their siblings’ wedding reception, and it’s almost time for the bride and groom’s first dance. If you think back to last week’s snippet, you’ll remember how Lindsay (Curtis’s sister) feels about Sara… Curtis’s big, hard body pressed against Sara’s back as he turned her away from his sister—and trouble. “Lindsay’s had one too many glasses of wine,” his mouth brushed the shell of her ear as he spoke, “be a good girl and walk away.” “Now you want me to be good? I thought you wanted me to be very, very bad.”…

  • Icing on the Cake,  Sunday Snippets

    Sunday Snippet — ICING ON THE CAKE — Womanspeak

    I’m behind schedule on my upcoming release, so we’re going to have a few more weeks of Sunday snippets from ICING ON THE CAKE. I love this story and its characters. I hope you will too. As best man and maid of honor, Curtis and Sara have just watched their siblings tie the knot. Today’s snippet takes place outside the church, between Curtis and his older sister, Lindsay. “That woman is unbelievable,” Lindsay said as Sara strutted away, toward their newly combined families. Curtis grunted. “Yeah, that she is.” “No.” A sharp, feminine poke to his upper arm drew his attention from Sara’s shapely, swaying ass to his sister’s highly irritated…

  • Icing on the Cake,  Sunday Snippets

    Sunday Snippet — ICING ON THE CAKE — 3-D Goodness

    This week’s Sunday snippet is a random bite from my favorite couple, Curtis & Sara from ICING ON THE CAKE. I love these two and their sizzling, snarktastic & emotional story. 🙂 He smiled for the first time since arriving on the scene. A devilish grin befitting a tall, heavily inked, mostly naked hottie who knew he’d saved her bacon in an epic way. She had no choice but to smile back. And stare at every inch of him. Including the inches covered by his tight black boxers. Because hello, the very three-dimensional bulge told her there were many excellent inches hiding there. He grabbed his pants and began covering…

  • Crossing the Line,  Sunday Snippets

    Sunday Snippet — CROSSING THE LINE — Take the Plunge

    It’s a rainy Sunday where I am, but it’s sunny and hot, hot, hot where Derrick, Hanna and Jeremy are. Today’s snippet is an immediate extension of last week’s scene from CROSSING THE LINE. Now, let’s see what Jeremy has in mind for his thank-you… “Here, n-now…but somebody might come along and catch us,” she said, shivering at Derrick’s answer, or maybe at Jeremy’s sinful lips smiling down at her. “Odds of that are pretty good.” Jeremy caught her hands and pulled her away from the safety of Derrick’s body, past the lounge chairs, to the edge of the pool. “Since we’ll be swimming.” Without further warning, he dove in,…

  • Crossing the Line,  Sunday Snippets

    Sunday Snippet — CROSSING THE LINE — Thank You

    Welcome back for another Sunday snippet from CROSSING THE LINE. (I’ve edited today’s snippet to fit the 8-sentence rule.) Married couple Derrick and Hanna, along with their longtime close friend Jeremy, are about the enjoy the swimming pool of a small, exclusive resort. And they have the pool all to themselves, thanks to Jeremy… “You can thank Jer for the privacy, he threw some cash at the older couple who were here so they’d take off.” Derrick’s words slid into her ear from behind—and on the subject of behinds, his rather solid cock now pressed against hers.  With Derrick behind her, she had nowhere to look but straight ahead, at Jeremy.…

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    TASTE ME is Available Now—FREE!

    TASTE ME is now available everywhere, and it’s FREE! 122,000-WORDS OF DARK ROMANCE AND DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS! TASTE ME is a collection of twenty-seven sexy scenes from the hottest releases of 2015, both newly released and coming soon. This all-star lineup of bestselling authors includes… Tijan, Alessandra Torre, Lauren Blakely, Skye Warren, CD Reiss, Anna Zaires & Dima Zales, Red Phoenix, Cherise Sinclair, Kendall Ryan, Chelle Bliss, TK Leigh, Toni Aleo, Sam Crescent, Jenika Snow, Julia Sykes, Nina Levine, Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott, Ainsley Booth, Katy Regnery, Shari Slade & Amber Lin, Shoshanna Evers, Pam Godwin, Carolyn Crane, Molly Joseph, Ella Sheridan, Karla Doyle, and Brooke Cumberland Get your FREE…

  • News,  Stealing Home

    Cover Reveal— STEALING HOME by Karla Doyle

    I’ve been sitting on the cover for STEALING HOME for what seems like forever, but it’s finally time to let the rest of the world enjoy it too. Ta-da! Isn’t it gorgeous and drool-worthy? Go ahead and lick the screen, I won’t tell. 😉 STEALING HOME When Paige’s latest attempt at happily-ever-after with a nice guy tanks, she decides to quit fighting her destiny. She craves bad boys. Men who deliver short-term, panty-melting excitement, not reliability and settling down. If she’s going to embrace her true nature, who better to start with than the dark-haired, tattooed ballplayer whose cocky attitude gives her more thrills than any steady boyfriend ever has… Alex had major…

  • Crossing the Line,  Sunday Snippets

    Sunday Snippet—CROSSING THE LINE—What’s One More Mistake?

    Thanks for joining me for another Sunday snippet from CROSSING THE LINE. If you’ve been following along the past few weeks, you know we’re in Jeremy’s head as his lifelong best buddy invites him to have a threesome with Derrick and his wife. This bit picks up right after last week’s snippet… A couple of swipes and taps later, Derrick pushed his cell across the table. “Well, what should I tell her?” Looking was a mistake, yet the phone was in Jeremy’s hand, inches from his face. He should’ve known it’d be another explicit picture. Okay, truth—he’d hoped it would be, but this—Christ. A video. Of Hanna. What was one more mistake? Amazon…

  • Crossing the Line,  Sunday Snippets

    Sunday Snippet —CROSSING THE LINE— Voice of Reason

    Welcome, and Happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating today. This week’s snippet from CROSSING THE LINE is a continuation of last week’s scene. (I’ve condensed it to fit the eight-sentence rule.) Jeremy is still reeling from his best friend’s proposition— a threesome with Derrick and his wife. “This is for her, Jer, to make her other fantasy come true. If it’ll make her happy, I want to give it to her, you know?” “You really think that when the moment comes, pardon the pun, you’ll be okay letting somebody else touch Hanna? Watching your wife get wild with another guy?” Jeremy asked. “Because once it’s done, it’s done, no going back. It…

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    Upcoming Project News!

    So I’ve been sitting on this news for a while, but now I can share it! I was honored to be invited to participate in this exciting sampler book of sexy scenes. TASTE ME is due to release this month as a free preview of hot 2015 releases. Just look at that lineup of authors! My contribution to the collection is a scene from my upcoming standalone release, STEALING HOME. I’m so excited for you all to read it! Sign up for the review blitz here. Join me and the other authors at our Facebook party on May 20th here!

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