Close to Home Series

Books in the “Close to Home” series are linked by character associations, but each can be read as a standalone story, and contains a happily ever after with no cliffhanger.

Cup of Sugar by Karla DoyleBook 1 — CUP OF SUGAR  (February 2014)

Hero: Conn Lawler

Heroine: Nia Chambers

Secondary Characters: Sara Robinson, Curtis Lawler, Lindsay Lawler

Supporting Characters: Peter & Meredith Chambers, Maggie Lawler, Zeus (the dog)

Setting: Winter

Icing on the CakeBook 2 — ICING ON THE CAKE  (June 2014)

Hero: Curtis Lawler

Heroine: Sara Robinson

Secondary Characters: Nia Chambers, Conn Lawler, Lindsay Lawler

Supporting Characters: Ben Russo, Jake Campbell, Candy, Peter & Meredith Chambers, Maggie & Edward Lawler, Zeus (the dog)

Setting: Summer

Timeline: Begins 10 months after CUP OF SUGAR ends.

Cherry on Top by Karla DoyleBook 3 — CHERRY ON TOP  (Coming Summer 2016)

Hero: Ben Russo

Heroine: Lindsay Lawler

Secondary Characters: Nia Chambers, Curtis Lawler, Conn Lawler

Supporting Characters: Maggie & Edward Lawler, Oz Russo, Abe Russo, Radar (the dog)

Setting: Summer

Timeline: Takes place at the same time as ICING ON THE CAKE.

comingsoon-couple-scaledBook 4 — SWEET AS CANDY  (Coming Summer 2016)

Hero: Jake Cambell

Heroine: Candace Caine

Secondary Characters: Curtis Lawler

Setting: Summer

Timeline: Immediately after ICING ON THE CAKE.

Beyond Book 4, will there be more? My guess is yes. 😉

Who’s Who — How the Characters are Connected

(warning…this information contains minor spoilers)

Nia Chambers: only biological child of Peter & Meredith Chambers

Sara Robinson: adopted daughter of Peter & Meredith Chambers

Conn Lawler: youngest of the three Lawler siblings

Curtis Lawler: middle child of the three Lawler siblings

Lindsay Lawler: eldest of the three Lawler siblings

Maggie & Edward Lawler: divorced parents of Curtis, Conn and Lindsay Lawler

Ben Russo: middle child of three Russo brothers; pastor at Peter & Meredith Chambers’ church

Oz Russo: eldest of three Russo brothers

Abe Russo: youngest of three Russo brothers

Jake Campbell: police officer; Curtis Lawler’s partner & friend

Candace Caine (Candy): Sara Robinson’s co-worker at Lucky’s

Macy Caine: Candace’s daughter

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