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    My Sexy Saturday 2

    MySexySaturday_buttonWelcome to My Sexy Saturday, where writers share 7 words, 7 lines or 7 paragraphs from their work.

    Today, I’m sharing 7 lines from MORE THAN WORDS, my ‘dirty Scrabble’ erotic romance. In this book, the hero & heroine meet online, playing Scrabble on an adults-only, chat-based site. (Sorry, it’s a fictional site! lol)

    In this little snippet, Travis and Calli are online, mid-game, and the first line is a chat message from Travis.

    Want to?

    Was he suggesting cyber-sex? Virtual or otherwise, she didn’t have a clue how to begin. She’d never had an orgasm with a man, not even close. Her limited sexual encounters had all been so awkward and fast, she hadn’t even had time to fake an orgasm.

    But she had to say something… Yes.

    Want more MORE THAN WORDS? Check it out here or on Goodreads. morethanwords_msr

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  • Body of Work,  My Sexy Saturday

    My Sexy Saturday – Body of Work

    MySexySaturday_buttonWelcome, and thanks for visiting! This is my first contribution to My Sexy Saturday. Click that picture to visit the website for a full list of this week’s participating writers.

    bodyofworkThe rules say I can post 7 words or 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs. Today I’m going with 7 sentences from my May release, BODY OF WORK, a very hot gym romance.

    A little bit of setup here…the hero and heroine are in a pavilion in a public park, after a boot camp workout. 😉

    She attempted to scootch away from his advancing mouth. “I’m sweaty from the workout.”

    “I’ve licked your pussy after it had a much harder workout than this morning’s boot camp, remember?” The fingers in his hair said yes, she did. “You tasted like heaven then, just like you will now.”

    “What about other people?”

    “They’ll have to find their own piece of heaven, I’m not sharing mine.”

    Click here for more info about BODY OF WORK, or head over to Goodreads to see what readers are saying. I hope to see you next week for more Sexy Saturday goodness!


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