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Everybody’s Doing the 7 Meme

Over on Facebook, three of my awesome author friends — Cara Bristol, Stacey Kennedy and Siobhan Muir — tagged me to participate in a “7” meme. In this game, you go to page 7 or 70 in your Work in Progress and post 7 lines that include dialogue. Well, if you know my writing style, you know I love dialogue! But since this my blog, I decided to cheat a little…don’t count the lines, because there are a lot more than 7. 😉

So here goes. An unedited excerpt from page 7 of my untitled, almost-finished WIP:

“Hey dream girl.”

That voice. She turned—gravitated, really—toward the rich sound. Several people stood between her and the owner’s twinkling, deep-blue eyes. She silently mouthed the words ‘hey asshole’, but her face betrayed her yet again by smiling. Without apologizing, he detoured around the customers separating them and deposited his armful of products behind her heaping pile.

“You just cut in front of four people.”

“I wanted to be behind you.” He took his time perusing her body before meeting her eyes again. “I’m sure nobody blames me for that.”

“She does.” Paige pointed at the somewhat-shrunken woman chirping at him in Italian. Or maybe Portuguese. Hard to tell which, but the lady was definitely peeved.

He showed zero concern, didn’t even bother to look. “Did my t-shirt keep you warm last night?”

“Very.” She leaned closer to him. “Especially when I was lying on my sheepskin rug…watching it burn in the fireplace.”

He barked out a laugh, attracting the attention of everyone in their line and beyond. “That was my favorite t-shirt.”

“I don’t think you’ll miss it.” She nodded at his current apparel—an identical, plain black t-shirt.

He shook his head, still smiling. “Big attitude for such a tiny thing.”

“I’m not tiny.”

“No?” He stepped closer. Invaded her space with his massive everything.

“I’m average. You’re just—” Her eyes drifted across his shoulders, then down. “Huge.” Heat flared in her cheeks as the last word slipped from her mouth in a breathy tone that belonged in the bedroom, not the superstore checkout line. Shit. “Don’t even go there.”

He shrugged, a wolfish grin spreading across his stubble-shadowed face. “You said it, not me.”

And now they both knew she was thinking about his cock. Awesome.

That’s all for now. What you think… Like it? Hate it?

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