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Hello! It has been a long 4+ years since my last post. An even longer 4+ years since I’ve had a new release.

2015 was a difficult year. Life threw a couple of major curveballs at me and I struck out. (An ironic analogy, since my last release before I disappeared from writing life had a baseball theme.) But I’m off the bench and I’ve been working on my swing, getting back into condition to rejoin the author roster.

I’m twelve scenes away from the end of an OW/YM (older woman/younger man) romance that still doesn’t have a title, but promises to turn up the heat wherever you’re reading it while also making you chuckle and tug on your heartstrings a little. This couple has a few curveballs of their own to deal with before finding their happily ever after. But I promise they will. And so will I.

Sam & Leigh’s love story is book 2 in the Very Personal Training series. Though you meet the hero as a secondary character in Body of Work, the new book completely stands alone.

I’m super excited to share it with you! For now, how about a totally unofficial, unedited, subject-to-change blurb, just to give you a taste of the story ahead?

When personal trainer Sam bumps into his favorite former client, their chemistry reignites instantly. Leigh is everything he pictured in his “sometime down the road” woman. Sexy, funny, independent, mature—in more ways than one. He never cared about their age gap, he just wasn’t ready to get serious before. He’s ready now. But when his prior playboy ways come back to bite him in the ass, it’ll take more than sizzling sex and charm to convince Leigh to stick around.

Leigh’s life is humming along according to plan. Her custom bakery is thriving. Her daughter is a well-adjusted ten-year-old. Romance is the one area that’s lacking. Completely. Until the universe fulfills her request for some hot lovin’ and puts Sam in her path—for a second time. Sam gives her exactly what she was missing, and more. Maybe more than her well-structured life plan can handle…

Sound good? Are you as pumped to read it as I am to release it? I hope so!

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