How to Torture Your Tween

It’s the first full week of summer vacation for the kids. And it rained this morning, meaning lots of sitting on our collective bottoms, staring at computer screens. But the rain stopped and the sun (sort of) came out, so I took my dogs out for a walk. And while I was at the park, I pulled out my phone and texted my almost-twelve-year-old daughter. The following is a transcript of those texts:

Me: It’s actually pretty warm outside now. I’m going to make you do something active when I get home.

Tween: No mommy, it’s crummy outside.

Me: I’m out here in a tank top and shorts and it’s fine.

Tween: But I don’t want to. Mommy no.

Me: Sorry, you’re going out.

Tween: But mommy, I have all summer to be active.

Me: Starting today.

Tween: No mommy please.

Me: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You’re funny.

Tween: No mommy, I don’t want to start today.

Me: See you in five minutes. Put your shoes on.


Summer fun, right? 😛

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