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Sunday Snippet-03/31/2013

Welcome back 🙂 Today’s eight-sentence snippet is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. Click over for a complete list of participants.

This is the last week (for now) that I’ll be posting from my childhood-friends-to-lovers story. This excerpt follows very closely after last week’s snippet. Matthias and Caroline haven’t seen each other for thirteen years, and they’re about to go out for dinner. As friends? Is it date? Caroline’s not entirely sure. (P.S.: it’s a frigid November night.)

His hands curled around her lapels and he pulled her into his space. She gasped and he smiled—the same amazing smile she’d inwardly melted over years ago. He maneuvered the top button of her coat into its corresponding hole, then the second. The third button slipped through its slot, his hands lingering before sliding sideways to cup her waist. Not once did his eyes stray from her face.

“I might’ve been a nerdy nobody, but I was still a teenage boy, and you were the most beautiful girl in school. Of course I thought about touching you.”

“If you wanted to, why didn’t you ever try?”

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