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Sunday Snippet-04/07/2013

Welcome 🙂 Today’s eight-sentence snippet is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme, and comes from my childhood friends to lovers WIP. After thirteen years apart, Matthias and Caroline have gone out for dinner to catch up and, at this moment, reminisce about the summer before ninth grade when they shared their first –and only– kiss in a classmate’s garden shed. Matthias has suprised Caroline by describing specific details from that day, twenty years earlier.

“Guys remember their first kiss too.”

Maybe so, but she doubted the majority of them remembered what the girl had worn or which variety of Herbal Essences shampoo she’d used. “After I shut the door, I stepped closer to you, like, really close. Do you remember what happened next?”

“I do, but I’d rather not say.” His grin didn’t look embarrassed in the slightest.

“Oh, really…you were, um, excited?”

“Nerds do get stimulated in places other than their brains.”

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