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Sunday Snippet — CROSSING THE LINE — Take the Plunge

It’s a rainy Sunday where I am, but it’s sunny and hot, hot, hot where Derrick, Hanna and Jeremy are. Today’s snippet is an immediate extension of last week’s scene from CROSSING THE LINE. Now, let’s see what Jeremy has in mind for his thank-you…

CtL_cover_SW-quote-at-top“Here, n-now…but somebody might come along and catch us,” she said, shivering at Derrick’s answer, or maybe at Jeremy’s sinful lips smiling down at her.

“Odds of that are pretty good.” Jeremy caught her hands and pulled her away from the safety of Derrick’s body, past the lounge chairs, to the edge of the pool. “Since we’ll be swimming.” Without further warning, he dove in, his very fine body slicing the surface without spraying a single drop of water in her direction.

“How is it—warm?” she asked when he resurfaced.

“Let’s find out.” In a heartbeat, Derrick scooped her into his arms, took a couple of running steps, drew up his knees and cannonballed them both into the deep end.

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Lifelong best friends Derrick and Jeremy met Hanna at a bar ten years ago. Both wanted her—one married her. Now the other man has been invited to join in for one hot weekend.

Everything would’ve been fine if they’d had their fun that weekend, then gone back to normal. But they didn’t. And when past demons resurface, things will never be the same—for any of them.

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