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Sunday Snippet-Write Club 03/03/2013

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. Today’s snippet is part of the Write Club meme, hosted by the lovely and talented Skye Warren. You can find a list of the participants here, and if you haven’t read any of Skye’s books yet, you absolutely should, so click here to check them out.

Today’s six-sentence excerpt is from my current WIP, a former-friends-to-lovers story whose hero and heroine lost contact for thirteen years before reconnecting. In last week’s snippet, Matthias was seated in the diner where Caroline works as a waitress, appreciating the view. (Find previous snippets herehere and here, chronologically.) This week’s offering follows shortly after last week’s, with Caroline taking his order.

“I’ve never eaten here — what’s good?”

“Fries and gravy.”

“That’s your suggestion in a Chinese food restaurant?”

Some things hadn’t changed. He’d watched her eat fries and gravy in the high school cafeteria nearly every day for five years. Even from two tables away, the process had been agonizingly erotic — her tongue darting out, swirling around the length of a fry, scooping the gelatinous brown goop with its tip… good god.

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