Update: Cherry on Top

This is one of those posts I hate writing, because I know it will disappoint people. But, I’d rather keep everybody informed than guessing, so here’s the update on CHERRY ON TOP

Unfortunately, I must push back the release date, which was scheduled for March 19th, to later this year. Probably summer.

As much as I love Ben & Lindsay, their book has not been coming easily, and is nowhere near finished. I’m not one who can “force” words onto the page when they don’t feel natural or true to the story. Therefore, I’m removing a scheduled release date from this book. I promise that it is coming, I’m just not sure of the date.

To those of you who were excited to read Ben & Lindsay’s story this March… I’m sorry! Truly. I hope that when it is finished, you will think it was worth the wait.

Thanks to everybody for their encouragement, enthusiasm and support. It is always appreciated. ♥


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