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Body of Work Receives a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

When I started writing BODY OF WORK, I intended it to be a 15k word quickie novella. Yeah, that plan didn’t happen. It finished at 69,864 words, and only because I reined it in to keep it from jumping into the next price bracket with my publisher. (Anything over 70k retails $1 higher.) In truth, I would like to have added another 10k, namely a couple more scenes with secondary characters. Anyway, I’ve ventured way off track here.

My point was, I loved writing this book. These characters. The secondary characters. As happy as I was to be finished so I could publish it, it was like crashing from a really big sugar-rush. So, when I found a notice in my email, pointing me to a 4.5 star, TOP PICK review, I was thrilled. The reviewer totally “got” everything I poured into the book. That’s an awesome feeling.

Thank you, M. Harvey and Night Owl Reviews! You made my day! 🙂


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Here’s my favorite part of the review…

“Body of Work” is a wonderful story about how two people wary of trusting the wrong person again can’t help but keep coming back to each other, first for lust and then for love. 

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