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Sunday Snippet-03/17/2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks for stopping by. Your visits & comments are always appreciated. 🙂

Today’s Sunday snippet is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. You’ll find the complete list of participants by clicking that link.

This bit is from one of my works in progress, the former-friends-to-lovers story of Matthias and Caroline. We’ve spent the past few weeks in Matthias’ head. This week, we’re in Caroline’s.

His old glasses had disappeared, giving her an unobstructed view of those incredible, dark-brown eyes. She’d always loved his eyes—she’d just been scared to look at them too long. Holding his gaze for more than a couple of seconds had made her want to do crazy things. Like hug or kiss him, and in their later years together, kiss him while she flattened him to her bed and squirmed on top of him. Matthias hadn’t shown that kind of interest in her. And he’d been too important to risk losing him by making a move.

Still, she’d always wondered. What if.

One more week of this story, then, in April, I’ll be changing it up, sharing snippets from my upcoming release, Body of Work. Get ready for some hot excerpts. 😉

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