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Sunday Snippet – Damn Ties

Thanks for stopping by to read my Sunday Snippet, part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme.

Today I’m posting the opening eight sentences from my WIP #4 (pretty awesome working title, right? 😉  ) You can read more about it at the bottom of my WIP page. I honestly never thought I’d write a wedding scene. This one popped into my head one night and demanded I add it to the beginning of the book.


“Fucking ties. What idiot invented these things?” Derrick snapped the strip of gray silk from its stranglehold around his neck. “To hell with it, not doing it,” he said, launching the thing at a garbage can.

Jeremy’s dark eyebrows rose, but Derrick’s best friend left the tie where it’d landed. “I have a solution. We pretend I won the coin toss that night. I get the girl, you get to avoid the marital noose.”

How do you feel about weddings in books? Love them? Hate them? Indifferent? Tell me what you think. Have a great day! 🙂

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