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Sunday Snippet – ICING ON THE CAKE – Restraint

Time for another Sunday snippet, brought to you as part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme.

If you’ve been following along, we’re with Curtis & Sara from ICING ON THE CAKE, Book 2 of the Close to Home series. The two met for the first time at their siblings’ wedding rehearsal, and sparks certainly flew between them…the good and bad kinds. It was Sara’s job to lead Curtis to her parents’ house for the rehearsal party, and after somewhat of a back-roads chase, they’ve arrived.

Icing on the Cake“You kept up,” Sara said as he rounded his car and popped the trunk.

“You didn’t want to lose me, admit it.”

She admitted nothing, just stared up at him wearing a defiant, sexy smile. “Exceeding the speed limit, failure to stop, reckless driving. I’m shocked at your blatant disregard for the law…maybe I should make a citizen’s arrest.”

“Go for it. You’ll have to hold me until an officer arrives—think you could?” He moved closer, still keeping hands off, yet essentially pinning her to the vehicle. “I, for one, would enjoy your attempt to restrain me. Very much.”

Want more of the alpha cop & snarky badgirl?

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Nia and Conn’s wedding will be fairytale perfect…if their siblings can get along.

Free-spirited, anti-establishment Sara has always been on the outside of her family’s fairytale mold. Now she’s being forced smack into the middle of it at her sister Nia’s wedding. Alongside the cocky and annoyingly sexy best man—Conn’s cop brother.

Curtis doesn’t buy in to organized romance and fairytales. But for his brother, he’ll throw on a tux and fake it for a few hours. His flak vest would have been a better choice around the maid of honor. He should have brought his handcuffs too, because somebody needs to restrain the dark-haired spitfire—and he’s just the man for the job.

One night to indulge the spark between them, then goodbye—that was the agreement. Curtis isn’t looking for a relationship and he sure doesn’t want a troublemaker for a girlfriend. The last thing Sara needs in her daily life is a cop looking over her shoulder, no matter how hot he is.

But giving in to their chemistry is much more fun than giving it up…

— Read Chapter One —

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