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    Sunday Snippet-04/07/2013

    Welcome 🙂 Today’s eight-sentence snippet is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme, and comes from my childhood friends to lovers WIP. After thirteen years apart, Matthias and Caroline have gone out for dinner to catch up and, at this moment, reminisce about the summer before ninth grade when they shared their first –and only– kiss in a classmate’s garden shed. Matthias has suprised Caroline by describing specific details from that day, twenty years earlier.

    “Guys remember their first kiss too.”

    Maybe so, but she doubted the majority of them remembered what the girl had worn or which variety of Herbal Essences shampoo she’d used. “After I shut the door, I stepped closer to you, like, really close. Do you remember what happened next?”

    “I do, but I’d rather not say.” His grin didn’t look embarrassed in the slightest.

    “Oh, really…you were, um, excited?”

    “Nerds do get stimulated in places other than their brains.”

  • Sunday Snippets,  Work In Progress

    Sunday Snippet-03/31/2013

    Welcome back 🙂 Today’s eight-sentence snippet is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. Click over for a complete list of participants.

    This is the last week (for now) that I’ll be posting from my childhood-friends-to-lovers story. This excerpt follows very closely after last week’s snippet. Matthias and Caroline haven’t seen each other for thirteen years, and they’re about to go out for dinner. As friends? Is it date? Caroline’s not entirely sure. (P.S.: it’s a frigid November night.)

    His hands curled around her lapels and he pulled her into his space. She gasped and he smiled—the same amazing smile she’d inwardly melted over years ago. He maneuvered the top button of her coat into its corresponding hole, then the second. The third button slipped through its slot, his hands lingering before sliding sideways to cup her waist. Not once did his eyes stray from her face.

    “I might’ve been a nerdy nobody, but I was still a teenage boy, and you were the most beautiful girl in school. Of course I thought about touching you.”

    “If you wanted to, why didn’t you ever try?”

  • Sunday Snippets,  Work In Progress

    Sunday Snippet-03/24/2013

    Sunday snippet time again. Thanks for stopping by — I appreciate & love all your comments! Today’s eight-sentences are part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. Check out all the participants by clicking that link.

    This week, it’s a bit more from one of my works in progress, the childhood friends to lovers story of Matthias and Caroline. You can find other snippets by clicking here.

    In this excerpt, Matthias and Caroline are about to go out for dinner. To catch up after thirteen years apart, or maybe it’s a date, Caroline’s not sure. As a gentleman should, he’s helping her into her coat, and…

    “You have very soft skin—just like I always imagined it would be.”

    Caroline turned in his arms, sacrificing the touch to see his face. “You thought about how my skin would feel?”

    “Remember all the times I was in your bedroom?”

    Oh god, this was it. “Every one of them, yes.”

    “You had all those bottles of lotion on your dresser. That either meant you had the softest skin in the world or some sort of eczema problem.”


    I hope you’ve enjoyed these early snippets. I’ll get back to posting from this one in the future, but starting next week, I’ll be switching to my soon-to-be-released book, BODY OF WORK. I hope you’ll come back to check out the hulking, ginger-haired personal trainer and the petite photographer who both think it’d be best to stay away from each other, but can’t seem to do that.

    Have an awesome day! 🙂

  • Sunday Snippets,  Work In Progress

    Sunday Snippet-03/17/2013

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks for stopping by. Your visits & comments are always appreciated. 🙂

    Today’s Sunday snippet is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. You’ll find the complete list of participants by clicking that link.

    This bit is from one of my works in progress, the former-friends-to-lovers story of Matthias and Caroline. We’ve spent the past few weeks in Matthias’ head. This week, we’re in Caroline’s.

    His old glasses had disappeared, giving her an unobstructed view of those incredible, dark-brown eyes. She’d always loved his eyes—she’d just been scared to look at them too long. Holding his gaze for more than a couple of seconds had made her want to do crazy things. Like hug or kiss him, and in their later years together, kiss him while she flattened him to her bed and squirmed on top of him. Matthias hadn’t shown that kind of interest in her. And he’d been too important to risk losing him by making a move.

    Still, she’d always wondered. What if.

    One more week of this story, then, in April, I’ll be changing it up, sharing snippets from my upcoming release, Body of Work. Get ready for some hot excerpts. 😉

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    Sunday Snippet-03/10/2013

    Welcome! Today’s eight-sentence snippet is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. Click that link for a complete list of participants.

    I’m continuing with a bit from my current WIP. Childhood friends Matthias and Caroline (who both harbored deep crushes but never declared their feelings) are meeting for the first time in thirteen years. Matthias has a lot on his mind.

    Matty — nobody else called him that. Not ever. The affection in her voice sliced at his resolve to keep her at arm’s length. Memories of the other times she’d used the nickname floated to the surface. Always innocently, but so damn sweetly. Had things gone differently back then, she wouldn’t be waiting tables in this shithole today. She’d be living like a queen. His queen.

    That’s it for now. Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  • Sunday Snippets,  Work In Progress

    Sunday Snippet-Write Club 03/03/2013

    Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. Today’s snippet is part of the Write Club meme, hosted by the lovely and talented Skye Warren. You can find a list of the participants here, and if you haven’t read any of Skye’s books yet, you absolutely should, so click here to check them out.

    Today’s six-sentence excerpt is from my current WIP, a former-friends-to-lovers story whose hero and heroine lost contact for thirteen years before reconnecting. In last week’s snippet, Matthias was seated in the diner where Caroline works as a waitress, appreciating the view. (Find previous snippets herehere and here, chronologically.) This week’s offering follows shortly after last week’s, with Caroline taking his order.

    “I’ve never eaten here — what’s good?”

    “Fries and gravy.”

    “That’s your suggestion in a Chinese food restaurant?”

    Some things hadn’t changed. He’d watched her eat fries and gravy in the high school cafeteria nearly every day for five years. Even from two tables away, the process had been agonizingly erotic — her tongue darting out, swirling around the length of a fry, scooping the gelatinous brown goop with its tip… good god.

  • Sunday Snippets,  Work In Progress

    Eight Sunday-02/24/2013

    Sunday Snippet time. Today’s eight sentences are part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. Click over for a full list of this week’s participating writers.

    Today’s excerpt is from my current WIP, a contemporary erotic romance. Matthias and Caroline were unlikely best friends — a gangly nerd from a family who had next to nothing and a constant class favorite, the beautiful daughter of a well-to-do family. Each harbored deeper feelings for one another, neither brave enough to share them before graduating high school and losing touch for thirteen life-altering years.

    The first two excerpts are here and here. Today’s snippet also comes from the early pages of chapter one, as Matthias sits in a booth where Caroline is waitressing.

    The kitchen door swung again as she reappeared in the dining room. She cut a straight path toward him, and he sat back, enjoying every second. The gentle curves she’d had in high school had lived up to their promise. Nice, full breasts on display in a low-cut, pale-pink sweater. The apron cinched around her waist accented her hourglass curves. Too bad she was wearing jeans. He’d love to see those legs again. How many times had he stared down at them during class under the guise of looking at his binder — her skin temptingly bare below the edge of a short skirt, her knee brushing his as they huddled over an experiment in the physics lab.

     Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂


  • Sunday Snippets,  Work In Progress

    Weekend Writing Warriors-02/10/2013

    Happy Sunday, all. Today’s 8-sentence snippet is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. Check out all the participants on this list. 🙂

    This excerpt is from my current work in progress, near the beginning.

    He refolded the printout and tapped it against the steering wheel. Last chance to be the bigger man. The good guy. He could start the car and drive back to Toronto, no one the wiser. Delete the email. Ignore it. Forget about it, about her, like he’d done thirteen years ago.
    As if he’d ever forgotten about her.


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