comingsoon-couple-scaledTo survive and thrive in her line of work, Candace has become a master at reading people. With most of her clients, it’s easy. Until the off-duty cop with golden-boy good looks starts coming around. He pays for her services but never collects, even though it’s obvious he wants her. Candace can’t afford to get to know or like him. Whatever his angle, he’s still a cop, and she’s breaking the law to provide for the only person who matters—her five-year-old daughter.

Between his looks and his police uniform, Jake never lacks for female attention. But when a favor for his partner Curtis lands Jake in a massage parlor, one sexy “masseuse” fries all his circuits. He should enjoy her services and move on, but it wouldn’t be real. It wouldn’t be enough. When he and Candy get together—and they will—it won’t be a paid transaction.

Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 9780994098412 ~ Karla Doyle, Spring 2017

“Close to Home” Series, Book 4
♥ Characters introduced in Book 2, though each book may be read as a standalone novel.
♥ Happily ever after, no cliffhanger.