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Sunday Snippet – CUP OF SUGAR – At Your Service

Welcome back for another Sunday snippet, part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme.

This week’s eight sentence excerpt is from my brand-new release, CUP OF SUGAR, and follows shortly after last week’s snippet. Conn and Nia have been neighbors for about eight months, the duration of which Nia has shyly avoided Conn — though he’s aware that she has been watching him do all kinds of things.

The story opens on New Year’s Eve, when Conn arrives home to find Nia sitting in her car, which is not running. Here we go…

Cup of Sugar cover“Everything okay, Nia?”

“My car won’t start.”

Chalk this one up as a late Christmas present from the universe. He motioned at the passenger door. She nodded in response, so he opened it, stuck his head and shoulders inside. “I’m at your service, I can jump you or give you a ride.”

She squeaked—actually squeaked—and the frost melted from her expression. Oh, she was still pink in the cheeks, the color just didn’t look cold-weather induced.

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Nia has one rule—don’t date neighbors. Simple, except the guy next door is single, handsome, and not inclined to close his blinds while naked. When her car dies, Conn takes “being neighborly” to a new level by offering a ride to her long-distance destination. Nia has resisted his looks and charm for months. Surely she can handle a few hours in his truck…

For months, Conn has blatantly put himself on display, hoping his pretty blonde neighbor would tire of secretly watching and come knock on his door for a cup of sugar—or more. No such luck—until an unusual opportunity arises. After a six-hour drive turns into a sweet-and-sexy weekend, Conn wants more than neighborly status with Nia. To get it, he must convince her to break the rule protecting her heart—by putting his on the line.

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