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Sunday Snippet – Crossing the Line – To Look, or Not to Look

Welcome back for another Sunday snippet, part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. I hope all my American friends enjoyed (or are still enjoying) their Thanksgiving holiday. 🙂

Today’s eight-sentence excerpt is another from CROSSING THE LINE. This week’s snippet leans to the sexy & conflicted side. Next week, I’ll give you something sweeter. 😉

Last week, Derrick asked for his lifelong best friend’s best help giving his wife the hottest birthday present of her life — a threesome of the m/f/m variety. Jeremy urged Derrick to consider the possible consequences of his proposition. After that, Derrick handed Jeremy his cell phone, with a video cued up…

CrossingTheLine_Cover_821x1272Jeremy tapped the arrow in the center of the screen. The clip started innocently enough. As innocent as it could be with Hanna wearing only those pink panties. She wasn’t covering her tits this time and they were goddamn spectacular. His mouth literally watered at the sight of them. She waved and giggled, managing to look beautiful, sexy and sweet all at once. His best friend’s wife, for crying out loud. Something he needed to remember.

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Lifelong best friends Derrick and Jeremy met Hanna at a bar ten years ago. Both wanted her—one married her. Now the other man has been invited to join in for one hot weekend.

Everything would’ve been fine if they’d had their fun that weekend, then gone back to normal. But they didn’t. And when past demons resurface, things will never be the same—for any of them.


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